XBOM Manager

XBOM Manager module delivers advanced baseline capabilities that can be used for a variety of purposes, example handling of As Manufactured, As Delivered and As Maintained structures.

Giving the engineers the edge they need!

XBOM Manager provides a user interface to reconfigure the engineering build (EBOM) into a series of Manufacturing builds (As built, As planned, As maintained, etc). Also included is comparing and reporting functionality, to make use of the stored information in the coming designs.

The XBOM Manager manages two types of structures:

  • Engineering Baseline – a snapshot of the structure as it looks at the time of creation. This function can be used to document the state of the structure at various times before it is released, e.g. for different prototype builds.
  • Manufacturing Baseline – A reconfigured structure based on maintenance, different assembly orders at different plants, ad-hoc updates, etc. These structures typically will document the appearance of individual products, rather than the definition of them.

The XBOM Manager is built upon the Structure Browser, and the full range of usability options from there is also available in this tool.

Getting started is easy! The underlying framework of the out-of-the-box components can be used to configure the different kinds of baseline depending on your needs. The framework is well documented and some sample baseline configurations is included with all source code and are perfect templates to start from, create your first baseline in minutes!

Technical Information

  • Support for all ENOVIA business applications
  • Easy to configure through XML or with configuration object
  • Pure Java object oriented architecture
  • Built on struts and model view control principles
  • Support for V6R2018x
  • Requires Structure Browser.

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