MCAD Optimizer

The MCAD Optimizer Component enhances the usability of MCAD integrations based on the ENOVIA Integration Exchange Framework (IEF). This is achieved by simplifying the GUI and reducing the number of dialog windows and mouse-clicks.

Focusing on the CAD Designer 

Designer Central is the portal to MCAD information managed in ENOVIA. The MCAD Optimizer extends the functionality of the Design Center and provides a MCAD-centric view of the data from ENOVIA. A MCAD assembly structure is presented in a familiar way, similar to the design tree in most MCAD tools. While viewing the design tree, the CAD designer can access all MCAD functions directly, eliminating the need for opening additional windows. Publishing a large design can be done in seconds rather than hours using the multi sign/promote function.

The MCAD Optimizer also includes a homepage for the designer, providing easy access to recent designs, greatly reducing the need for database searches. All common MCAD operations are available from the homepage. Previewing images for easy recognition of designs are only a mouse-click away.

How does MCAD Optimizer work?

The MCAD Optimizer is an add-on to the Structure Browser Component leveraging the same navigational capabilities and dynamic GUI. The administrator can easily configure new views to display MCAD information according to company requirements. MCAD Optimizer is MCAD neutral, and works with all MCAD tools supported by the ENOVIA.

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