CAVA OVA - Overall Vehicle Architecture

At the start of the design process – at the Vehicle Concept phase – usually no detailed geometry for the vehicle is present. The definitive vehicle parameters, such as dimensions, seat positions, etc., are still subject to alteration. In order to create quickly and visually the various (legal) requirements applicable to any current design, CAVA OVA offers a wide range of possibilities.

The OVA "Workbench" provides functions for:

  • Static and dynamic curbstone clearances
  • Ramp, approach and departure angles
  • Total underfloor clearance
  • Positions of lights and registration plates
  • Bumper height
  • Wheel covering
  • Seat belt fixing positions and child safety seat systems

CAVA also creates the geometric fields or spaces according to the individual requirements where the components must be positioned - dependent of the current vehicle parameters. When the geometry is added during the development process, it can then be linked to the respective CAVA feature relating to Wheel covering and underfloor clearance functions. The feature indicates directly at the user interface or at the V5 specification tree whether or not the guidelines have been met.

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