A Journey Towards Growth and Profitability

Danish Diagnostic Instruments is part of the William Demant Holding Group (WDH) and works primarily with the manufacture, development and sale of diagnostic equipment for hearing and balance impairments.

PLM for medical device development at WDHThe business area comprises six independent companies that all previously had individual systems, which was not optimal. To have complete support for the entire product development process, the company switched to PLM solutions from TechniaTranscat (previously Technia).

“We realized that we needed a unified platform to be able to connect the companies. With respect to the PLM system, our colleagues in the Group had already chosen Technia [TechniaTranscat] and the ENOVIA system, so we went ahead with them. It was the very best from a group perspective,” says Claus Fromm, responsible for production and logistics at Diagnostic Instruments.

“The results were as we expected. We are as yet not sure whether it had any major impact on our business but we definitely have a clearer overview,” says Claus Fromm. “Diagnostic Instruments has commenced a journey towards growth and profitability. The system switch is an important part of the journey. We would choose Technia [TechniaTranscat] again, the company met our expectations and demands in a satisfactory manner,” he adds.

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