Pharmaceutical company shifts into high gear

Orion, a global pharmaceutical company, looked to other industries to find a smart solution to manage the speed and complexity of its business.

The pharmaceutical industry is rapidly changing. Proprietary products in “Big Pharma” are outpaced by generics and specialty products. Success is increasingly dependent on speed to market and timely product launches.

Orion looked for ways to adapt to market changes by increasing efficiency, flexibility in partnerships and networks, exact product launch control, and facilitating regulatory compliance. Life sciences market is strictly regulated with high demands for transparency, data consistency, and traceability.

“The way we handled legacy issues and workflows was not optimized, laborious to use, and did not easily adapt to collaboration with external partners,” says Minna-Liisa Siltala, PLM Project Manager. Orion looked closely at PLM. There were few PLM references in the pharmaceutical industry in the Nordics at the time, but PLM was being introduced in many industries.

“Why reinvent the wheel? ENOVIA and Technia’s [TechniaTranscat] TVCs have the functionality we need and a proven track record,” says Siltala.

Together with Orion, TechniaTranscat installed and configured ENOVIA with TechniaTranscat’s TVCs to make the system faster and easier to use. The implementation went live in January 2012 with functionality to support cross-functional products in ENOVIA. A second phase was completed in the spring of 2013, adding full support for regulatory procedures of the pharmaceutical marketing approval processes. Today the system has 600 internal and external users.

“Orion’s PLM enables a unique source of truth in product information including standardized product launch and lifecycle management processes for Orion and global partners. It o—ffers information consistency, minimizes rework and iterations, and reduces time to market access,” says Petter Sahlin, TechniaTranscat’s Sales Executive of Life Sciences. The solution allows Orion to handle increased product and regulatory complexity with limited resources, while increasing the number of products and facilitating work with partners.

“PLM for us is about managing the complexity of our business in the most cost-efficient way,” says Siltala. “We can no longer be in our own sandbox and with our own tools. We need transparency and data consistency from the beginning.”

Why TechniaTranscat?
“When building a solution of this scale, team collaboration is important for success. With TechniaTranscat, we have a shared vision and passion. When both parties commit to the project, accomplishments are achieved,” says Siltala.

PLM for Life Sciences

A need to rapidly introduce new products, research and documentation that require total traceability and patent applications that ideally should take less time – plus extremely hard regulatory demands. 

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