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Putting locking systems through their virtual paces

A different approach to security: When we think of security in this digital era, it’s not necessarily physical locking systems that we think of first. And yet locks are still a vital element of our day-to-day life – or didn’t you lock your car when you left it in the car park this morning? Nevertheless, digitalisation has found its way into this field too – virtual product development is the key to shorter development times and high-quality products. This is why Kiekert AG from Heiligenhaus relies on SIMULIA Abaqus from Dassault Systèmes – and on TechniaTranscat as their software and support partner.

Today, Kiekert’s safety and comfort systems can be found in almost every vehicle worldwide. Every third car door in the world is based on a product design developed by Kiekert. Above all, alongside high quality, a key factor in terms of success is time.
“The application of scalable, realistic simulation solutions in the design phase shortens our time-to-market – the time it takes to launch our products – enormously,” says Thomas Waldmann, Head of Technical Calculation and Simulation at Kiekert.
Among other tasks, his department uses SIMULIA to carry out strength testing.
“Door lock stability is of fundamental importance.”
However, physical tests are very time-consuming and complex. Tests, such as a dust simulation, can be run virtually, thereby helping to shorten this complicated process.

Aim: To apply numerical simulations in a useful manner

The digital models make it possible to carry out a greater number of stress and function tests that are also more precise. SIMULIA Abaqus can be used to carry out linear analyses using the Finite Element Method (FEM) as well as for conducting more complex, non-linear contact simulations.
“The particular charm of virtual product development lies in the fact that it allows you to take a deeper look into the product – in the truest sense of the word. With a digital model, it only takes a few clicks to take a very close look at even the smallest details within the product. A real, physical model with an outer casing is much more difficult to take apart,” explains Ralf Passmann, Simulation Department Manager at TechniaTranscat.

The Karlsruhe-based company has been a partner of Dassault Systèmes for decades and, as one of the leading providers of PLM systems, they are the perfect customer care and support partner for Kiekert.
“Our aim is to help our clients find useful applications of the numerical simulations within their product development work. In addition to a professional user hotline, our services also include wide-ranging application support. Regular checks and joint testing of the software to look at processes and methods and find potential areas for optimisation where appropriate help to continuously improve the application and adapt it to better fit Kiekert’s specific requirements.

Software support services have been well-received: “TechniaTranscat has a great deal of experience in the field of structure simulation,” says Waldmann.

His colleague Detlef Eickhoff, IT Manager PLM and Global Licence Manager at Kiekert adds: “TechniaTranscat ensures that the software is correctly installed at all workstations, that the update support works smoothly and that the software and hardware are always properly integrated with one another.”

TechniaTranscat as a pioneer of virtual product development

The main challenge now is to look towards the future. Passmann is certain: “Without numerical simulations, companies will no longer be able to develop products profitably in the medium-term. Product requirements are simply becoming ever greater.”

Digital solutions are therefore indispensable in order to be able to work efficiently in terms of costs and resources.
“New areas of application and simulation methods such as multiphysics, that is, the combining of different physical elements will be a central issue over the coming years,” says the expert from TechniaTranscat. We see ourselves as pioneers of virtual product development and as a vital link between what is already technologically possible and what companies need in order to make their work more efficient and more effective.

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