ENOVIA SmarTeam - Smart Collaboration, Rapid Benefits! ENOVIA SmarTeam provides collaborative offerings focused on product development processes supporting design, engineering and enterprise activities. A unified platform across all ENOVIA SmarTeam products enables collaboration between users across these different areas. Companies can scale up to enable collaboration across global organizations or supply chains, according to their needs. Combinations of the various user-roles and site services products boost organizations with Design Collaboration, Engineering Collaboration and Enterprise Collaboration

Design Collaboration

The ENOVIA SmarTeam Design Collaboration offering enables dispersed design teams to work in collaboration in a single, or multi-CAD environment, to innovate new products, and to reuse existing ones for faster time-to-market.

In a Design Collaboration scenario, the participating roles are the Designer, the Editor and the Community member, whereby the domain focus is the designer, and design collaboration can also take place among a group of local or remote designers only, without necessarily including community members.

Engineering Collaboration

The ENOVIA SmarTeam Engineering Collaboration offering seamlessly combines cross-departmental engineering-based activities throughout the product lifecycle into a unified environment for effective data management and sharing among various organizational roles. 
The center of gravity of the Engineering Collaboration domain is the Engineer who works with the BOM and automates change processes via workflows.

Users in a typical Engineering Collaboration scenario include a product manager, configuration manager, configuration engineer, designer, SRM manager, and a subcontractor or supplier using the Briefcase functionality for data sharing.

Enterprise Collaboration

The ENOVIA SmarTeam Enterprise Collaboration offering provides a PLM solution throughout and across the extended enterprise, and including the value chain.

Combining the entire ENOVIA SmarTeam offering, or selected modules, in a scalable manner and according to specific enterprise needs will provide a complete Enterprise Collaboration solution for mid-sized companies.