Increase aftermarket revenue with Industrial Internet of Things solutions

Configurable to digitize the physical production environment

A production environment is considered as a system described by all the data. The data can be sourced from everywhere in every format: Time series, event logs, web events, transactional data…

The collected data is cleansed and stored in a level 0 format into a knowledge referential.

The application’s benefits are:

  • the incremental digitization of the production processes to help you continuously enrich the referential
  • the unique correlation in time, space and mileage to enable a correct interpretation
  • multi-representation spaces to visualise and interrogate the referential.

Digital Services

We have developed new algorithms, based on machine teaching, to internalize experiences into the connected equipment. Because industrial equipment is designed to be reliable, we have focussed our innovation on providing an artificial intelligence to the equipment to detect misuse and performance deviations.

Through InUse-Studio, you can easily translate your expertise into complex statistical sequences of correlated events. InUse-Studio guides you to build the appropriate level of data abstraction which will trigger the correct next best action.

The result is a set of digital services categorized in UPTIME, COST and COMPLIANCY.

The application’s benefits are:

  • create, simulate and internalize your digital services
  • teach your machine a language
  • create a catalogue of services.

Social collaboration between machines and people

We have re-invented the interactions within the production system. The equipment is augmented of a language and express itself into a community of connected performance. Therefore, the equipment can request, suggest and diagnose as if it was an expert. It also contextualizes the situation to its exact usage. The community helps flatten the decision process and speed-up all decision. Adoption by all production stakeholders is simplified thanks to the analogies to social media communities.

The application’s benefits are:

  • the machine is collaborating within the community as if it was a team member
  • it transforms and accelerates decision making process between all people
  • it federates everyone on the performance of production
  • it modernizes the machine-human interactions.

Magnus Carlmeister

Business Development Executive - IoT

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