ENOVIA - Collaborative Innovation

Fully integrated with design, engineering and analysis solutions from Dassault Systèmes, and other software vendors, ENOVIA’s intuitive user interface delivers powerful capabilities via a standard web browser. ENOVIA has proven and ready-to-use business processes, so you can rapidly benefit from the true rewards of effective collaboration.

Platform Power and Best-of-breed Industry Solutions

Innovation increasingly means global teams collaborating with global information in a social context – and doing so with clarity, confidence and consistency. Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform™, ENOVIA enables your innovators to benefit from the true rewards of collaboration. Easy to acquire, quick to learn and effortless to master, ENOVIA is reliable and robust enough to manage even the most sensitive and mission-critical data.

Global Product Development

ENOVIA empowers you to facilitate global part re-use and standardization to assure optimization across product management, design, manufacturing and procurement processes.

Globally dispersed manufacturing organizations will have access to bill of materials and other information related to product development activities and the needed tools for real-time collaboration among all engineering disciplines.

The Engineering BOM Management capabilities of ENOVIA addresses key global product development challenges by eliminating the significant process and data communication barriers that exist between mechanical, electronics, and software engineering disciplines within the enterprise and the product supply chain.

You can also define conceptual product definitions that can be reused across a multiple series of products, satisfy market specifications, and provide many possible optional capabilities. These conceptual product definitions serve as a framework for defining variant products that are configurable and drive the generation of engineering bills-of-material.

Product Planning and Program Management

ENOVIA gives you a project and program management process that is driven by the deliverables required to confidently launch products on time. You’ll be able to align project deliverables with your global portfolio to target zero delays in a product introduction.

Strategic Customer Relationship Management

Traceable Requirements Management is one part of the ENOVIA requirements-driven systems engineering approach to developing products where the customer's desired experiences is visible to all stakeholders involved.

New apps have also been introduced in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform™ to store, classify, manage the lifecycle and experience all visual assets related to a Brand.

Quality and Compliance

ENOVIA allows you to extend compliance data to a broader audience, allowing for more effective decisions and awareness. You will be able to integrate supplier material declarations early into the product development and another benefit is that you can design in material compliance and monitor in real-time.

For all industries, it is now possible to implement an efficient post-market defect tracking process and streamline the NCR and CAPA processes.

A central repository for all documents can be created that provides collaboration tools AND supports stringent regulatory processes.

The connections between various information elements in ENOVIA will establish end-to-end traceability during the development process that can be leveraged for impact analysis.

IP Classification and Protection

The total intellectual property (IP) is what drives the competitive advantage in the market. Therefore the firm's ability to leverage and protect this IP without exceptions is critical to short-term and long-term success.

With ENOVIA, you will be able to:

  • Organize your data in multiple ways that best suits each role or activity.
  • Put day-to-day IP management in the hands of the users.
  • Eliminate files based data exchange.
  • Classify IP and enforce security requirements to fulfill regulations like ITAR.
  • Keep history of data access and downloads for critical IP.
  • Track IP usage across various projects and customers.

On Premises or in the Cloud?

ENOVIA capabilities are there for you, whether you want them highly configured and installed in your own premises or with zero-time deployment for standardized use cases in a public or private cloud.

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