PLM for the Oil & Gas Industry

The challenges in the offshore industry are very similar to what we see in other industries: A constant search for new ways to reduce time to market, streamline processes, make collaboration more easier, increase revenues and cut costs whilst at the same time deliver projects and solutions in time. 

These questions are very important and require constant attention and drastic changes. But they can be dealt with effectively, and this is where TechniaTranscat comes in. We’re specialists in helping companies to drastically reduce product development costs and deliver projects and solutions to market much faster than the competition through a smart use of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems. Some of your colleagues in the industry are already benefitting from such solutions!

PLM helps project-oriented businesses achieve project goals, enhance global collaboration and ensure information quality. The system follows the installation from idea through engineering and commissioning to service and decommissioning. Our partner Dassault Systèmes is a World Class Supplier of solutions for this industry. PLM is widely adopted in most industry segments and the forerunners in the Offshore industry are already there! This is something that the management at Schlumberger, Halliburton, STX, Yantai and Keppel amongst a number of others has discovered through the work of centralizing the management of projects, information, equipment, specifications, service contracts, spare parts and so on – and making it more effective.

Business Value of PLM

  • Handles project, document and various product structures in one common system, improving your change control
  • Run-time control and visibility of your projects, enabling you to deliver them on time, on budget and at a high quality
  • Enables global sharing of information and collaboration processes in a secure environment. One version of the truth
  • Creates possibilities for a more effective planning and evaluation of the business
  • Makes it easier to find information. Both for reuse and for service purposes. Tying the engineering world together with the service world.

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