PLM for the Industrial Equipment Industry

Industrial companies face unique marketplace challenges such as managing an increasingly complex global supply chain and enormous amounts of technical and business information for each product delivered to the marketplace. 

As products become more complex to manufacture, while the marketplace becomes more competitive, these challenges will continue to increase, making it more important than ever to streamline development.

Manufacturers that embrace collaborative new product development processes are able to realize a shorter time-to-market, lower costs, and myriad opportunities to improve products and processes – leading to reduced cost and significantly greater innovation. 

One way of increasing market share is to acquire companies and to form new alliances. This allows companies to put all their efforts into business success. But it also requires the ability to work together sharing data and information. Companies need to be able to develop, manufacture and sell their products everywhere around the globe to become successful.

Accelerate innovation, time-to-market and revenue - PLM solutions make it possible to:

  • Re-use existing designs
  • Enable mass customization for configurable products
  • Increase productivity both in R&D, Production and After Sales
  • Maximize use of standard materials; reduce inventory value
  • Collaborate across the whole value chain
  • Reduce development costs
  • Design products with higher quality.