PLM for the Food & Beverage Industry

The challenges in the Food & Beverage industry are well known; the industry is a competitive marketplace. Brand loyalty is eroding fast as consumers are bombarded with changing array of products. 

Increasingly stringent government regulations require complex business processes and traceability procedures to be implemented. Facing shorter product lifecycles and shrinking profit margins, progressive food and beverage goods manufacturers are relying more and more on Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions to address these challenges.

TechniaTranscat delivers PLM solutions for food & beverage and retail organizations to develop innovative products that have higher chances of market success, by effectively managing thrusts coming from the market that impact creative, planning and supply processes. Internally within the organization and throughout the value-chain, we are committed to helping customers advance the pursuit of innovation by delivering solutions that integrate business process management with cuttingedge tools for design, engineering and production planning.

Business Values of PLM for the Food & Beverage Industry

  • Reductions of regulated systems remove isolated documents/data systems used for product development with a single, global, and validated process-driven system of record
  • Increase traceability end to end allowing companies to react in minutes instead of weeks or months
  • Recipe and Specification management from silos to one source of truth – always latest version
  • Manage regulatory compliance (EFSA, REACH, FDA), nutrition & health claims
  • Lower raw material costs push global material specs and standards across brands, regions and categories to create an efficient procurement process to drive cost down and margin up
  • Increase product quality and brand by enforcing brand definitions, logos, marketing standards and messaging utilizing flexible workflow and planning templates visible to all product/ project team members
  • Increase product pipeline volume deliver product information to enable re-use in developing product variants rapidly
  • Reduce cycle time early in product development processes to positively impact decisions and performance related to product development calendars, material trends, cost, and quality decisions
  • Enable low cost labor centers by creating a global virtual work teams tracking all line planning calendars, milestones, approvals and responsibilities in a single system integrated with all other aspects of product development.

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