PLM for the Construction Industry

The challenges in the Construction industry are very similar to what we see in other industries: A constant search for new ways to reduce time to market, streamline processes, increase revenues and cut cost whilst at the same time meet regulatory demands.

These questions are very important and require constant attention and drastic changes. But they can be dealt with effectively, and this is where TechniaTranscat comes in. We’re specialists in helping companies to drastically reduce product development costs and deliver products to market much faster than the competition – whilst enabling you to meet regulatory compliance – through a smart use of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems. This solution is something some of your colleagues in the industry already benefit from.

Apart from an all-too-common lack of a single system for the handling of structured information and documents, there is also the dilemma of how to most effectively collaborate with architects, consultants, sub-contractors and suppliers in a multi-CAD environment where the design is re-drawn in each step of the process. Both future investments, quality control and regulatory requirements are at stake. A PLM-solution from TechniaTranscat deals with all these problems, and we have the cases to prove it. Through us your company will not only become more effective, more competitive and more profitable, but also be able to meet the demands from the owners, clients and the government.

Business Value of PLM

  • Makes it possible to reuse project information and processes between projects even though each project is considered to be unique
  • Creates one repository for all building related information with a tight connection between processes, organisation and production
  • Minimize errors late in the process, which leads to unnecessary rework and expensive scrap
  • Ensure construction safety, health and environmental compliance throughout the lifecycle of a building - from planning through design, procurement and production to the maintenance of the building
  • Lower the cost for planning and production and reduce the project time to completion
  • Makes it possible to control requirements and more efficiently respond to customer needs resulting in a better perceived quality
  • A better collaboration with external team members
  • Creates possibilities for a more effective planning and evaluation of the business.


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