PLM for the Automotive Industry

The characteristics of the automotive industry are the complexity of business relationships, component interactions, and diverse technologies that apply to every project. In the automotive industry collaboration across the whole value chain is the key to success.

The automotive industry is pressed by a global overcapacity, which results in tough market competition and an increasing demand for cost-effectiveness. These factors have led to many companies being bought out and/or merging to form multinational groups. In order to realize the full potential of a collaborative venture, it is important to start to collaborate throughout the entire value chain: product and marketing planning, product development, production, distribution, sales and after-sales support.

The services and solutions, which we offer to the automotive industry, are based on many years of experience of a wide range of different approaches to problems, combined with IT support.

What can a PLM solution help companies in the automotive industry to do:

  • Automate the New Product Introduction (NPI) Cycle, from concept and design through field service
  • Expedite & Enable tight collaboration with all appropriate departments, partners, and customers based on our solution’s Web-centric architecture
  • Track and maintain previous revisions - while supporting and improving any number of current and future versions - using flexible, fine-grained change management capabilities
  • Execute workflows that simplify and speed response to what is becoming a build-to-order marketplace
  • Enable every plant and division to bring ENOVIA functions into their own settings, without disturbing current operations, by taking advantage of ENOVIA integration capabilities
  • Make the adjustments necessary to handle the unique issues of each project with the flexible, open-system architecture platform

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