TechniaTranscat Software Webinars

October 01, 2018

Join our upcoming Technia Transcat Webinars. See use cases, customer examples and live demos from the product experts.

In the upcoming weeks we will present:

2nd Oct, 9 am CET and 5 pm CET: 
Looking outside the box - True PLM value enabled by TechniaTranscat Software 

The success of a PLM project, relies entirely on the ability to meet customer expectations in terms of usability, productivity and performance. Though the trend is clearly towards out-of-the-box solutions, there will always be areas where adjustments are needed to meet business requirements. How can this be done without jeopardizing future upgrades?

This presentation will give examples from customer projects on how our tools and techniques have been utilized to deliver maximum business value at a minimum cost of ownership.

Speaker: Johannes Storvik
Date and time: 2nd Oct; 45 minutes


18th Oct, 9 am CET and 5 pm CET: 
Boost 3DEXPERIENCE with efficient change process enabled by TVC

  • Drive change processes with success through your organisation
  • Automate and guide your users so that they can focus on the value adding activities
  • Benefit from the strengths of the platform but hide complexity in the right way
  • On board your user community to enable digitization and success

Speaker: Anders Axelsson
Date and time: 18th Oct; 45 minutes


24th Oct, 9 am CET and 5 pm CET:
Maximizing 3DEXPERIENCE value with next generation TVC : Helium mode explained!

  • Helium is the new TVC Mobile – one configuration, multiple devices, adaptive UI
  • Get started quickly – Helium Launch pad examples configurations available for fast deployment
  • Deploy any use case and business process from 3DEXPERIENCE in a modern UI
  • Get an enlightened!

Speaker: Peter Skogsberg
Date and time: 24th Oct; 30 minutes


31st Oct, 9 am CET and 5 pm CET:
PLM Deployment, License Management and Performance Optimization

  • Easy to use and manage start interface for CAD and PLM
  • Software Deployment and User Management
  • Show license availability and guarante license compliance
  • Ready to use OEM environments
  • Monitor and optimize PLM perfomance

Speaker: Jan Heger
Date and time: 31st Oct; 45 minutes


7th Nov, 9 am CET and 5 pm CET:
3DEXPERIENCE powered by TVC - how to maximize the value of the platform

  • Optimize the user experience from performance and usability point of view
  • Boost and adapt 3DEXPERIENCE in a up gradable way
  • Maximize your ROI

Speaker: Anders Axelsson
Date and time: 7th Nov; 45 minutes


15th Nov, 9 am CET and 5 pm CET:
Five years of successful integrations with TechniaTranscat Integration Framework

TechniaTranscat has successfully integrated the 3DEXPERIENCE platform at many customers for +20 years. Five years ago we introduced TIF to take enterprise integration to a new level when it comes to configurability, reliability and cost of ownership.

This webinar will contain: 

  • What is IF and how can it help you?
  • How to utilize standardized templates that comes with IF?
  • What’s new?
  • Customer case 

Speaker: Daniel Vossmalm & Erik Vikström
Date and time: 15th Nov; 45 minutes 


28th Nov, 9 am CET and 5 pm CET:
Data Quality in CATIA (V5 and V6), ENOVIA V6 and neutral formats

  • Introduction to data quality and methodology in the product creation process
  • Live presentation of standard tools
  • Configuation and process integration incl. release procedures
  • Continuous improvement
  • Next steps in the development like checking consistancy of ENOVIA meta data

Speaker: Martin Nölle
Date and time: 28th Nov; 45 minutes


4th Dec, 9 am CET and 5 pm CET:
Proactive 3DEXPERIENCE operation - How to ANALYSE and ACT on patterns and system behaviors

  • Get an insight in what can be done with some of the tools in the TechniaTranscat portfolio related to PLM operations.
  • Two of our most senior experts will share some of their experience in that area.
  • Best practice project routines and tools to use to be successful.
  • Do's and don’ts.

Speaker: Marcus Larsson & Anders Axelsson
Date and time: 4th Dec; 45 minutes


More events to come, we’ll keep you posted.

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