Webinar on Demand: ENOVIA & EXALEAD OnePart

September 14, 2014

EXALEAD OnePart live demo

Åke Johansson from Dassault will join us and tell and demo the key benefits of using EXALEAD OnePart

  • Engineers are designing more and more new parts every day. Why don’t they just find and reuse similar or equivalent parts that already exist inside your company’s legacy data assets? Because searching for parts and related information is very time-consuming and potentially error-prone today. 
  • Creating new parts impacts the bottom line. Substantial time and costs are incurred if you need to acquire or produce new parts, leading to more production procedures, quality controls, and inventory into stock.
  • EXALEAD OnePart is a packaged solution that accelerates reuse of parts, designs, specifications, standards, test results and related data.

Benefits of ENOVIA and EXALEAD

Presentation and live demo of how you can work with EXALEAD in ENOVIA in an efficient way, presented by Jan Thunqvist.

  • Smart structuring of the search result using 6W tags
  • Configure the search engine to match your ENOVIA adaptation
  • A quick look at the EXALEAD admin UI

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Presenter: Jan Thunqvist

CTO, Director, Partners & Product Development

+46 8 599 204 26


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