Webinar: Looking outside the box - True PLM value enabled by TechniaTranscat Software

The success of a PLM project, relies entirely on the ability to meet customer expectations in terms of usability, productivity and performance. Though the trend is clearly towards out-of-the-box solutions, there will always be areas where adjustments are needed to meet business requirements. How can this be done without jeopardizing future upgrades?

At TechniaTranscat, we have been guiding companies towards successful PLM implementations since 1994. During these years, the technical capabilities of the PLM platforms have developed dramatically - and so has the implementation methodologies. In the 90s each and every customer solution was custom built. In the 2000s, we got out-of-the-box applications that still required a fair amount of customization to be useable. Today we are entering the Cloud-area, which will once again require a re-thinking of the implementation methods.

In our experience, gaps will always exist between what end users require and what functionality a PLM platform provides out-of-the-box. To address these gaps, implementation teams need to carefully evaluate the impact of a change with respect to upgradeability, interoperability and implementation time.

A key to our success as a systems integrator has been the development of our Value Components, which allows custom views and processes to be configured with a minimum of custom code, while drastically improving usability and at the same time reduce implementation time and the cost of future upgrades. This presentation will give examples from customer projects on how our tools and techniques have been utilized to deliver maximum business value at a minimum cost of ownership.

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Tuesday, October 2nd 2018

9am - 10am CEST

5pm - 6pm CEST

Presenter: Johannes Storvik

Johannes Storvik is the Chief Technology Officer for TechniaTranscat in the Nordics and Benelux. He has 20 years of experience from PLM implementations and strategic PLM advisory across a wide range of industries. His main mission is to guide companies on a successful 3DEXPERIENCE journey, utilizing the cutting edge software solutions and implementation skills of TechniaTranscat, the knowledge leaders in PLM.