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TechniaTranscat is certified according to the ISO standards 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 for below sites. This guarantees that the way we work with quality and our environmental impact is continuously improved and objectively reviewed. 


TechniaTranscat is currently integrating the management systems of the two former companies Technia and Transcat. Hence there will be separate processes and certifications in place during the integration period.

Our Customers are in Focus

The processes currently covered by our certifications are our main customer oriented processes: Sales, Product Development, Project Delivery and Training. We have also included our supporting processes in the management system, ensuring that all important aspects of TechniaTranscat’s operations are covered by our continuous improvement.


For us, the customer interaction is the most important input to improving our products, processes and the company as a whole. This is manifested by our frequent Customer Advisory Boards and is also built in to our delivery processes through the agile methodology.

We Believe in the Planet

We strongly believe that we need to reduce our environmental impact by constantly improving our internal operations. For us, the most significant environmental aspects are our emission of CO2 through business travelling,our paper consumption and also on the positive side the system support and training we provide to our customers in areas like Materials Compliance management and other direct operational efficiency effects of successful PLM implementations such as reduced scrap and electronic documentation.

Policies & Certificates

Quality Policy

The TechniaTranscat quality policy provides guidance to continuously improve our processes, products and services in order to meet or exceed customer requirements.

Environmental Policy

TechniaTranscat focuses on the design and commercialization of high quality products and services with low environmental impact.

Equality Policy

The goal with TechniaTranscat’s equality work is to create a balance between male and female so that their competence, experience, and values strengthens our competitiveness.

Certificates of Registration

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ISO Certificate 9001 and Appendix  ISO Certificate 14001 and Appendix      TechniaTranscat GmbH - Certificate ISO 9001



Want to know more about our Quality and Environmental work?

Please contact TechniaTranscat’s Quality & Environmental Manager, Maria Groth

+46 8 599 204 88


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